Singapore: Wildfire Burgers + Bar


I think the last time I had a burger in Singapore was at Meatliquor in Duxton Hill area. During my recent trip back in Singapore, I tried out the Wildfire outlet along Evans road. The pictures in their website looked really appetizing. Sadly, I can’t say the same for the actual product. Don’t get me wrong, they are not bad, just not awesome (like how their website described them to be). The beef patty was quite tough, and while the overall taste of the mushroom burger was okay, it wasn’t great. As their burgers are also pretty tall, it is a problem to get a bite of everything at one go, which I feel is quite an important factor when it comes to burgers. Gimme a burger where I can taste everything in one bite any day. Also, their onion rings were tasteless. Forgot to season them maybe? The truffled fries were nothing special.

On the bright side, their fried chicken was good though. It’s like the deluxe version of KFC (this is a compliment). I may just come back for their chicken. Considering the bill came up to nearly $100 for 2 of us (plus 2 drinks), it was certainly not a cheap burger meal.


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